Indie On Air was founded by our CEO Jeff Popka in 2008. What has grown into a multi-faceted business with a total estimated reach of 1.5 million people began with a pad and pen at a humble kitchen table. Jeff has always been a super-fan of music. He was looking for a new creative outlet and an internet radio show called Indie On Air was born. 

The radio show paved the way for Texas Indie Fest, a multi-day showcase, that now features more than 50 bands, in Austin, TX that coincides with the South By Southwest music festival. Texas Indie Fest has given hundreds of musicians the chance to showcase their talents in front of music industry professionals. 

Helping musicians get a leg up in the music business is what Jeff always set out to do. It’s the reason he created Indie On Air. Jeff eventually expanded the methods that he uses to help artists by offering more traditional record label services. 

The success of Texas Indie Fest led to more growth in the form of producing additional Indie Fests across the nation including Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Delaware and Michigan. The Indie Fest brand has given Indie On Air an international network of musicians, bands, publicists, production companies and media outlets.